Custom & Special Orders

Most any item offered by our manufacturers that we do not have in stock is available for special order.

We have an extensive collection of catalogs from our manufacturers as well as fabric swatches and wood, stain, and paint samples for you to choose from. You can also window-shop by browsing each of our manufacturers online catalogs where available.

Production & Shipping Estimates

Production schedules and shipping times vary by company. We can generally provide you with this information at the point of sale, though occasionally, we have to wait for order confirmation from the factory to get an exact expected arrival date of your furniture here at Earl’s. Some companies ship to us on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, others will ship only once a certain minimum number of pieces or minimum dollar value is reached. Occasionally, quicker shipping times are available but may incur a higher freight rate from the carrier. (larger orders usually receive lower rates, so ordering a single piece can be rather expensive for freight charges)

Payment Terms

We generally require payment at time of sale or upon delivery, and no payment is required until you receive your furniture. For special orders however, we require a minimum 10% down payment to place your order. Please see our payments section for more information or check out our Special Terms Financing option.


We will notify you when your order arrives here at our warehouse and schedule a delivery date and time that is convenient for you if one has not already been setup at the time of purchase. Please see our delivery section on how to prepare for delivery, the level of service to expect from us, and the average delivery rates we charge to your area.