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Futon Buying Tips

We strongly recommend that if you are looking for bedding for everyday use for an adult, that you opt to buy a mattress set instead if possible. Our futon mattresses are high quality, but for the money you will always be able to buy a more comfortable and longer lasting regular mattress set than you will find with a futon.

Most people want to purchase a metal futon. Here are 4 reasons why you should reconsider:

If one of the bars at the bottom or on the back bend or break, you can’t fix it or replace it.
Wooden futons are generally found to be more comfortable.
The quality of construction is generally much better with wood than metal.
Metal futons usually come with 4″ mattresses. But when you purchase a wooden futon from Earl’s, you can choose from either an 8 inch foam or coil mattress. One of our manufacturers also offers an 8 inch mattress that is covered with different fabrics and with optional throw pillows.***If you choose the 8 inch mattress (foam or coil), you could purchase a zip-up mattress cover but these can be difficult to remove and replace when cleaning. Some covers are dry clean ONLY. Instead, Earl’s suggests buying a nice Full Size fitted sheet and a couple of throw pillows to dress up your futon.