In-Store Services

In-Store Consultation and Design

We offer in-store consultation and design services for matching paint, fabrics, finishes, and woods. We have a wide selection of fabric swatches from our upholstery manufacturers as well as stain and wood samples for many of our case goods. Let us help you find the furniture that will look best in your home.

We Assemble It

All furniture we sell to you that requires any further completion upon arrival from the manufacturer is fully assembled by our staff. You never have to put things together yourself. (unless you really want to)

We Load It

Sometimes furniture can be a little unwieldy. If you are picking up your furniture, let us load it for you and make sure it is properly tied down and secured for the ride home.

We Pack It

Repacking for gift giving – we’ll do our best to repack an item for you if you need it wrapped as a special gift.

Packing for offshore or long hauls – if you are transporting your furniture uncovered on long haul and are concerned about rain on the way, or, you will be transporting your furniture to an offshore or overseas location, we can wrap your items in heavy 6-mil plastic. (we can’t guarantee waterproof packing, but a light shower or overspray should be easily repelled)

In-house Repair

We have a full repair shop located on site with trained repair technicians who can fix or restore most any furniture. Check out our repair section for more information and to setup a service call.