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Mattress Buying Tips

These are the things you should think about when buying a new mattress, in this order

  1. Comfort, Comfort, Comfort

    A person spends a third of their life sleeping. All other factors should be secondary to your personal comfort. Comfort styles range from ‘extra firm’ to ‘super plush.’ (also known as ‘pillow top’)

  2. Support, Support, Support

    The bed or frame your new mattress is on should have at minimum one leg going straight down in the center of your bed keeping the slat (metal or wood) perfectly level. Additional legs on either side of the center (left to right – under where each person sleeps) are highly recommended. The slat and legs should also be centered head to toe.

  3. Warranty

    Mattress warranties are void unless purchased as a set. (mattress and foundation) Warranties are only as good as the dealer will back them up. We back up all of our warranties in-house: you always deal directly with us, not the manufacturer, for the full extent of the warranty.

    Occasional Use (guest bedroom)
    Pro-rated or short term full coverage warranties are sufficient.
    Everyday Use
    Opt for at least a 10 year full coverage warranty. Decade or longer full term warranties generally indicate construction and quality that is designed for everyday use over a longer period of time.

    Important information about how to prevent voiding your warranty!

  4. Construction

    Foam Encased Edging
    A layer of foam aroud the edge of your mattress between the fabric and the springs. Helps keep the edge springs from stretching and poking you when sitting on the edge of the bed after extended use.
    Sinuous Coils
    Each coil is a continuous spring from head to toe. This provides proper stability and is more durable. Each coil row is tied to its neighbor for stability. The head to toe orientation reduces motion transfer from one sleep partner to another. By contrast, individual or pocketed coil systems tend to isolate and overwork certain springs. With sinuous coils, the entire spring system shares the load to support the body.
    Coil Counts
    Counts around 200-300 for a queen size usually serve better for occasional or light duty use such as in a guest room. For an everyday mattress, look for something around 500 coils. (again, queen size) Some manufacturers list a higher coil count but this usually means a smaller gauge wire was used since they have to be packed into the same amount of space. The thinner the wire used the weaker the spring and support effect will be.
    “Box springs” are generally no longer manufactured. The unit below the mattress is a solid metal/wood box with fabric covering. Some manufacturers use more wood, some more metal. Lo-profile foundations are usually nearly all metal to provide the same support in a smaller space. (and usually cost slightly more as a result). Some foundations are listed as “semi-flex” that utilize a wood frame foundation with slightly flexible metal risers.

Unimportant Factors

Fire Retardant Foam
Federal law made this a requirement as of July 1st, 2007.
Brand Name
You could buy whatever brand you like, but if it isn’t comfortable to sleep on or the dealer doesn’t back up the warranty, will you still be happy with your purchase?
Always pick your comfort level first, then find a mattress of that comfort style in the price range you prefer or can afford. We have a wide range of price points to accommodate nearly anyone’s budget. Our experience is that choosing a mattress based on price before comfort results in multiple exchanges and unnecessary lost sleep trying to find the right model.