Privacy Policy

General Information

We will not sell, distribute, or in anyway disclose or cause to be disclosed, any personally identifiable information you may divulge to us. Any information you provide to us, such as your e-mail address or home address, will be used only in the context in which it was given - either for billing statements or for opt-in lists for future mailings advising you of sales or specials which we sometimes extend to our previous customers in good standing before we open them to the general public.

Finance Information

Any information you provide to us in the course of filing a finance application will only be used for the purpose of securing financing for your intended purchase, and will only be disclosed to those finance companies which you select.

Red Flag Compliance

Recent federal law requires that we make diligent inquiry into the validity of any personally identifiable information you may give us as a measure to prevent or respond to identity theft. Therefore, we may ask for corroborating proof of identification when you attempt to secure financing through us. Additionally for this reason, we do not take credit card payments over the phone. If you think you have been a victim of identity theft, please contact us so we can be on the lookout for anyone trying to make purchases under your account without your permission.

Web Technologies, Trackers, & Cookies

Our website does not store “cookies” on your computer, or in anyway attempt to track who you are. Our web host does automatically track how you arrived on our site. (via search engines, links from other pages, or direct entry into your address bar) Our web host also collects anonymous statistics that your browser automatically reports, such as type of browser, and operating system. This information is collected in order for us to better determine what technologies are used to view our web pages so we can design and deliver them to you as they were intended. Additionally, we do not require JavaScript to use our site. We may choose to provide additional functionality to the site that uses JavaScript, but these will always be added features and the site should still be usable without it. We may choose to use scripts that provide analytic functions similar to that for web server statistics but these will simply collect the non-personal information your browser is already reporting. All parts of our website should be accessible and viewable by any fairly modern web browser, though more advanced browsers and those browsers which implement commonly accepted web standards, may display our pages in a more rich and aesthetically pleasing design.

Questions and Concerns

If you have any questions concerning the accuracy of any information we may have about you or are concerned as to how it is used or who may have access to it, please feel free to contact us to resolve the matter, or make a personal visit to our store. We understand the need for personal information privacy and wish to assure you that we will take whatever steps are at our disposal to ensure that privacy.