With Earl’s, you are never left out in the cold having to secure warranty claims yourself. We back up all of our warranties in-house: you always deal directly with us, not the manufacturer, for the full extent of the warranty.

Case Goods & Upholstery

Generally, most manufacturers offer a 1 year parts & labor warranty.

Earl’s offers the second year of labor free.


Mattress warranties are void unless purchased as a set. (mattress and foundation)

How to Make a Claim

If your mattress appears defective in any way, contact Earl’s as soon as possible so we can investigate likely causes. If we can determine that the mattress is defective, we will handle all warranty issues for you with the manufacturer.

Abuses that will void your mattress warranty

Not rotating properly

King size mattresses should be rotated one quarter turn every month for the first year and once every three months thereafter. All other sizes should be rotated one half turn (head to toe) on the same schedule.


Stains of any kind will void your warranty!!

Soiled mattresses may have been compromised by the effect of fluids on the material. Additionally, due to federal law, manufacturers can not have used mattresses that are soiled on their premises. As a result of both of these factors, manufacturers will not honor any warranty on a stained mattress.

To prevent stains, we strongly recommend mattress covers. These covers are:

  • Waterproof – prevents warranty voiding stains and dust mite allergens.
  • Breathable – keeps you cool while sleeping.

Improper Support

*Improper support is the primary cause of mattress failure.

The bed or frame your new mattress set rests on should have at minimum one leg going straight down in the center of your bed keeping the slat (metal or wood) perfectly level. Additional legs on either side of the center (left to right – under where each person sleeps) are highly recommended. The slat and legs should also be centered head to toe. Inserting plywood or other boards in between your mattress and foundation prevents the foundation from providing proper support to the mattress and will also void your warranty.

Removing Law Tags

These tags are required to be attached by law. They indicate important information such as the manufacturer, model, date of manufacture, material composition, etc. While the final customer is the only one who may remove these tags, doing so before there is a problem will void the warranty. (many companies require the tags be removed and mailed to them to make a warranty claim in lieu of returning the actual product)